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Sanderson International has assembled a team of experienced Asian and European professionals


Sanderson Internationals equities team offer a wide spectrum of investment strategies with varying risk and return objectives. We have multiple, distinct teams organized around regional and global capabilities. Each of our experienced teams is fully resourced to perform deep research and have rigorous portfolio construction processes.

Sanderson Internationals Institutional Equities

Our distinct investment-focused teams provide solutions that meet clients’ specific needs and goals. We offer a wide spectrum of investment strategies that are suitable depending on the market environment. Our global footprint means that we have equity strategies run by local teams around the world.

In Asia, our team of experienced professionals offer to clients over 200 years’ worth of combined investment experience. Our expertise

Our clients value our deep-rooted heritage that combines investment knowledge with expertise in stock portfolio construction and risk management. All teams leverage off a global infrastructure with common risk, trading and portfolio management systems.

A truly global research platform with a unique network of locally based analysts in all major locations throughout Asia, Europe and the US. Local accountability is combined with a global network that ensures close co-operation and sharing of ideas across the globe.

We offer a wide spectrum of actively managed strategies and are one of the world’s largest managers of index and rules-based portfolios. Our investment philosophies

We have teams with different investment philosophies and have found this approach effective as we navigate different market cycles. However, our investment teams share one thing in common – a rigorous focus on investment performance and flawless execution.

Intrinsic value: Our intrinsic value philosophy has been in place for over 10 years and seeks to exploit differences between share prices and long term fundamental value. Our deeply resourced research team operate within a consistent global research framework, which enables fair comparisons of stocks across sectors and countries, thereby helping identify attractive stocks.

Concentrated Alpha: Portfolios are constructed primarily from the bottom-up utilizing both in-house and external research sources with full freedom in stock selection. Team is distinguished by its differentiated approach to portfolio construction and risk analysis. The bottom-up stock selection process is focused around our “three circle” approach and is based on fundamental, quantitative and qualitative sources of information.

Global Sustainable Equity: The Sustainable Equity Strategy’s holistic approach starts with the valuation of tangible financial data and modeling of discounted cash flows to arrive at a security’s intrinsic value. This financial analysis is combined with our proprietary sustainability database that builds sustainability scores for roughly 2,500 stocks in the MSCI ACWI universe through the use of key performance indicators. We look for companies that can consistently generate tangible financial gains by approaching ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues as opportunities to outperform competitors.

Quantitative and systematic: A disciplined and systematic investment process leads to better investment decision and outcomes. Market inefficiencies can be identified and exploited through proprietary quantitative research and disciplined portfolio construction. Our Systematic portfolios typically exploit factors that have been proven to add value over the long term and can help provide clients with strong risk-adjusted returns.

Growth: Fundamental research is the foundation of our Growth equity team’s investment philosophy, which has been in place for over twenty years. We invest in companies with strong business growth models and future growth of free cash flow at attractive prices. Our upside/downside analysis helps us to focus on stocks where we see significant long term drivers not being reflected in share prices.


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