Sanderson International means a culture of service, excellence, precision, control and competence

A new approach to financial advisory

Sanderson International encapsulates the aims and values of a forward-looking financial advisor manager

Global expertise

Sanderson International has assembled a team of experienced Asian and European professionals

Fixed Income

Fixed Income is one of the core capabilities within Sanderson International, managing USD 1 billion on behalf of clients.

Sanderson Internationals Institutional Fixed Income

With over 150 fixed income professionals, our global and local specialist teams are structured to meet an evolving asset class. Integrated teams offer deep insights of local markets and portfolio managers can make decisions based on this knowledge, whilst drawing on global resources. Our portfolios incorporate local team insights into global strategies.

Our expertise

Sanderson International has been managing fixed income portfolios on behalf of clients for over 10 years. We have a broad international client base of institutional and retail clients, and we manage USD 1 billion in fixed income portfolios. We have a global team of career credit analysts which provide depth and breadth of coverage. Our fixed income teams are able to offer a diverse product spectrum to meet the individual client’s investment needs from around the world. 

Our investment philosophy

Our key objective is to systematically generate consistent excess returns in all market environments, using our research driven investment approach. Through a focused investment process and broad resources, we have the flexibility to assess valuation discrepancies across the fixed income opportunity set. Our investment style takes into account the fact that we live in an integrated world, which guides our global orientation with regional specialization. We have a Global Fixed Income Investment Committee (FIIC) to establish and monitor strategic views, as well as key global investment themes that we believe are important drivers for all clients.

We have a fundamental research driven investment process that combines top down and bottom up return drivers to achieve more consistent performance across the cycle. We diversify through time horizon, blending short- and long-term views. Additionally, we seek to exploit the full opportunity set: duration, yield curve, country allocation, currency, credit beta, credit sector and choice of security. Disciplined approach to risk management is central to the portfolio construction process. We require continuous monitoring, management and justification of risk exposures within portfolios, combining the use of quantitative and qualitative tools with judgment and experience.


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