Sanderson International means a culture of service, excellence, precision, control and competence

A new approach to financial advisory

Sanderson International encapsulates the aims and values of a forward-looking financial advisor manager

Global expertise

Sanderson International has assembled a team of experienced Asian and European professionals

Responsible Investing

Our environmental, social and governance approach 

Pursuing shared value with ESG investing

As a socially responsible investment firm we take a holistic approach towards investing. We believe that evaluating environmental, social and governance issues is not just a box-ticking exercise. In our view, the combination of traditional valuation discipline with sustainability analysis can enhance the possibilities for value added returns.


Our principles for responsible investment

Socially responsible investing (SRI) - also referred to as environmental, social and governance (ESG) - is an intrinsic part of Sanderson Internationals investment approach. In our view, it is possible to create superior returns by focusing not just on traditional analysis of tangible financial data, but also by considering non-financial data, such as sustainability, brand reputation and supply chain management.

A socially responsible investment approach is embedded in our asset allocation processes across our traditional investment areas. In response to growing client demand we are also developing novel systems by which the total societal impact of a company's activities can be measured. In this way, socially responsible investors can measure not just their portfolio's financial gains, but also the wider effects of their investments on society.


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