Sanderson International means a culture of service, excellence, precision, control and competence

A new approach to financial advisory

Sanderson International encapsulates the aims and values of a forward-looking financial advisor manager

Global expertise

Sanderson International has assembled a team of experienced Asian and European professionals


It’s important to us that we share common values, particularly around the way we treat customers and each other. So this is where we explain a little bit about ourselves; then you can decide if we’re the sort of company you want to work for. 

Our purpose and values

Our purpose is quite simple. We’re here to help create prosperity for our customers, whether that’s today’s generation or tomorrow’s.

Our core internal values are ‘dependable, pioneering and stronger together’. We don’t tend to talk about these to the outside world because we shouldn’t need to – we want people to experience those values through the way we behave.

Here’s what we stand for

We do what we say we will do, so our customers can rely on us. Our colleagues live and breathe this sentiment. If you would be proud to work for a company that is well respected and relied upon by its customers, you’ll fit in well.

We are in an industry that has a reputation for being a little bit old fashioned and fuddy-duddy. We like to think we’re different. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and change the way we do things when it’s better for customers. Working with us means your ideas will be listened to without being told: ‘that’s just the way things are done’.

We’re a big company with many different functions and offices, but we are constantly improving the way we all work together, because we know that makes us stronger. Wherever you are within the organisation, if you’re working with us you will be generous in your support of others and feel equally supported by them.

All kinds of opportunities

People are often surprised to find that the financial services industry isn’t all about working with numbers. All kinds of people work here, with a wide variety of skills, from IT to marketing; from customer services to actuarial, and from HR to PR.

Do we live up to your values?

If you think we do, and you would like to know more about working with us, feel free to get in touch for a chat.

Investing in our people

We believe in the principle that well-managed and motivated people are more productive and effective. We also believe that the more our employees love their job, the better job they’ll do.

We support the personal growth of our people wherever they work within the business. As well as helping all our staff to be the very best they can be at their job, we provide a variety of development routes for everyone wishing to progress.

These include:

Financial and study leave support for over 100 professional qualifications covering all disciplines from Accountancy and Actuarial to Human Resources and Customer Services.

Progressive leadership and management development programs.

Business and soft skills development opportunities.

Rewards and flexible benefits

No matter what job you do, or where you do it, you should feel valued and appreciated. That’s why, in order to attract, motivate and retain the best people, we offer a very competitive total reward package. This reward package enables our employees to share in the success they help to create. It includes a core Sanderson International-funded package of rewards and benefits and optional, flexible benefits that you can add.

Core benefits

Annual salary review –based on market rate and personal performance.

Bonus – most employees are eligible to participate in our bonus scheme, based on the company’s performance and their contribution to it.

Pension Scheme – non-contributory company pension scheme that can be boosted through personal contributions.

Protection benefits provided as part of the package – life assurance, income protection, personal accident insurance and private healthcare.

Flexible benefits

You can also choose from a selection of benefits that can be added to your package through ‘salary-sacrifice.’ That means the relevant amount will be deducted from your salary to cover the additional options – an efficient way to pay for them. Your options include a variety of well-being, protection and family-friendly options. You can change these options each year as your needs change.

Employee discount

We have negotiated employee discount agreements with a number of popular local shops, restaurants and fitness centres.


Throughout the year, our employees can nominate and reward colleagues with prizes for exceptional performance, behaviour and actions characteristic of our values.


Our employees also benefit from an ongoing series of well-being events ranging from massage and reflexology to fitness assessments and quit smoking advice sessions.

In line with our commitment to be recognised as a responsible business, Sanderson International has been accredited as a Living Wage Employer.


Sanderson International

World Trade Centre, First Floor-Commercial Area, Calle 53,
Marbella, Panama City

Phone: +5078337731