Multi Asset

With over 10 years history of multi asset investing, asset allocation and currency expertise is at the heart of the Sanderson International Multi Asset investment offering. That expertise is executed across client-specific solutions and via differentiated balanced, growth-oriented, income, high alpha and unconstrained total return strategies investing across all liquid asset classes.

Sanderson Internationals Multi-Asset

Our team includes specialists in equities, fixed income, credit, alternatives, asset allocation, risk management, currency, derivatives, portfolio construction and implementation for both institutional and private clients. In volatile markets, experience matters. Sanderson International has been managing multi asset portfolios on behalf of clients since 2006. Our broad international client base of institutional and private client investors trust us to manage USD 1 billion in multi asset portfolios. We take this fiduciary responsibility seriously.

Our expertise extends across all liquid asset classes. We analyse over 160 equity, fixed income, currency and alternative asset class markets globally in the search for varied sources of return for our clients. Risk management and risk budgeting are integral to all parts of the process and help us to deliver efficiently on clients' expectations.

Benefiting from the expertise of an international team of multi asset specialists providing important regional perspectives from offices in New York, London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo. Our regional business structure allows us to deliver these global capabilities to local markets, giving clients direct access to investment professionals within their own time zone and within the region.

Our investment philosophy

Valuation underpins our philosophy and process in all asset classes, but valuation in isolation is not sufficient to drive allocation. We believe that asset prices should ultimately reflect the potential cash returns to their owners over time. We call this an asset’s fair value.

However, markets are inherently inefficient. Market prices can and often do deviate substantially from fair value; factors other than fundamentals can influence prices for sustained periods. We seek to exploit those inefficiencies in a consistent manner using our own estimates of long-term fair value.

Importantly, we also incorporate market behavioral analysis into our process, seeking to understand why an asset is mispriced and to identify before investing a clear catalyst for closing the mispricing. Our overall process can therefore be described as being "valuation plus catalyst".